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Deloitte’s Data Analytics Institute supports its client’s in exploring the impact Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can have on their ability to create sustainable shareholder value. We focus on bespoke solutions creating deep competitive advantages for our clients.

The key element of our approach is a triangle of Business (creation of customer and shareholder value), Science (application of scientific rigidity in the form of experiments) and Technology (mastery of machine learning and data fusion).

To deliver our promise we work in a co-creation environment with our clients and leading academia from all over the world.


Deloitte Analytics Institute Showroom is an innovative and comfortable meeting room, where our clients can enjoy playing with our solutions, get demos, have facilitated discussions on different issues of the digital age, have design thinking sessions and other trainings related to the solutions creation.

Showroom is equipped with interactive panels, touch table, many different gadgets which all together create an outstanding life experience of communicating with your data. Come and get your own experience in seeing how technologies change the world we live at.


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Stefan Dierks, Partner

Stefan is founder and Managing Partner of Deloitte’s Data Analytics Institute. As Master of Business Administration and Master of Business Engineering by education he concentrates his effort on the intersection of strategy, innovation, marketing and finance.

For more than 15 years Stefan is creating and leading high performance teams that are operating at the borders of management innovation. He and his teams have helped corporations and Private Equity houses to rethink their approach to growth, M&A and industry consolidation.
His current focus is the application of robotics on C and board level. This includes AI enabled forecasting, management decision making and governance as well as industry specific AI solutions for farming or healthcare. He established reliable co-creations models with globally leading robotics experts from the Technical University of Munich.

Stefan also gained ten years of experience in traditional strategy, M&A / CDD in continental Europe, Venture Capital and business process reengineering projects. He underwent vocational training at mining company Kali und Salz in Germany.

Stefan gave lectures about the PE industry at the IFF International Finance Faculty of the Finance Academy, Financial academy under the Government of the Russian Federation and acted as project leader for the Earth Institute of Columbia University within the Millennium City initiative.

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Dr. Alexey Minin, Team Lead

Alexey is team lead in the Deloitte Analytics Institute. He has more than 10 years of practical experience in industrial business. Alexey specializes on projects for the large companies with complex infrastructure, IT industry, industrial markets and processing industries. He is an experienced project manager and has worked on multiple projects both in Russia and internationally.

Alexey is an author of 5 industrial patents (2 are related to the steel industry), more than 20 patent applications and 25 papers at the leading international conferences and journals in the area of data analytics. Before Deloitte he has worked at Siemens more than 8 years, including experience of leadership in the Strategy group. Alexey conducted Agile trainings for big Russian banks.

Professional experience: Data Analytics and Machine Learning solutions and methods development for market modelling applications; Mathematical modelling of the raw materials market (Oil & Gas, aluminum and copper) and forecasting theirs supply and demand with the advanced data driven algorithms (Neural networks, SSA and GMM models); Operational due diligence / technical audit in order to come up with the advanced operational models based on mathematical predictions of operational KPIs; Alexey has experience in quality management projects for metal industry for major Russian and Qatar companies (forecasting the quality of steel during the metallization and rolling processes, copper prices forecasting, aluminum prices forecasting for Russian market); Biggest Russian water treatment and supply company (operational due diligence, forecasting water supply and demand); One of the biggest Russian online transactions company (fraud detection and fraud prediction) and German industrial company for net sales forecasting in Russia for the industrial equipment.

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