Multi-channel Fraud Analytics for a Bank

Client Issue

The client is one of the largest banks in the Russian Federation with subsidiary banks and representatives in CIS, West, Central Europe and Asia.

The Bank requested implementation of a proactive multichannel fraud monitoring system in addition to already operating single channel systems to be able to early detect suspicious operations as well as complex fraudulent actions committed against bank or its clients.

DAI Solution

Deloitte Forensic and DAI united to design and implement the solution. Collaborative experience let to provide the client with leading practices in both fraud schemes knowledge, methodology of contractions as well as Machine Learning and Big Data competences to solve the issue.

The solution design had been started from definition of targeted fraud scenarios and selection of source data systems, which gave data analyst essential information about front office and middle office operations, employees, Bank transactions and client behavior.

As a result, a massive volume of data from about ten IT systems, which includes transactions, operations, HR, security and credit portfolio, was ingested into a DAI Big Data Analysis platform.

Advanced analytics methods based on machine learning techniques let DAI experts to implement a platform for proactive and fast detection of fraudulent behavior.

In order to provide Bank management and anti-fraud officers with high-level informational coverage of fraud-suspicious operations list, KPIs and all necessary information for detailed investigation of each case, DAI UI/UX team designed and provided a web-based interactive antifraud portal.


  • Design Thinking
  • Machine Learning
  • Best Practice
  • Agile


Methodology and anti-fraud actions schemes. Fraud detection modules for Big Data platform based on machine learning techniques. Interactive web-based portal for antifraud Bank officers and management.

How our solution affects the Shareholder Value

Shareholder Value

  1. Revenue Growth
    1. Volume
      1. Acquire New Customers
      2. Retain & Grow Current Customers
      3. Leverage Income Generating Assets
    2. Price Realization
      1. Strengthen Pricing
  2. Operating Margin (after taxes)
    1. Selling General & Administrative (SG&A)
      1. Improve Customer Interaction Efficiency
      2. Improve Corporate/ Shared Service Efficiency
    2. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
      1. Improve Development & Production Efficiency
      2. Improve Logistics & Service Provision Efficiency
    3. Income Taxes
      1. Improve Income Tax Efficiency
  3. Asset Efficiency
    1. Property, Plant & Equipment (PP&E)
      1. Improve PP&E Efficiency
    2. Inventory
      1. Improve Inventory Efficiency
    3. Receivables & Payables
      1. Improve Receivalables & Payables Efficiency
  4. Expectations
    1. Company Strenghs
      1. Improve Managerial & Governance Effectiveness
      2. Improve Execution Capabilities
    2. External Factors

How our solution affects the Shareholder

Revenue growth:
Reduction of financial losses caused by fraudulent actions committed towards a bank or its clients
Rise of clients loyalty by providing reliable and secure service channels for clients as well as preventive reaction on clients claims

Operating margin:
Antifraud departments OPEX and workload reduction
Agile approach on risk appetite, reduction of barriers for implementation of a new bank products by raising of overall level of information security

Asset efficiency:
Declining reserves due to the modern approach to modeling and forecasting of risks