Automated Area Assessment Using Satellite Imagery

Client Issue

Due to the existing country legislation, the client faced a lack of systematic recordings on agricultural and residential areas assessments and other national statistics.
The client wanted to perform a structured audit of agricultural lands and residential areas paired with further monitoring of their development in time.
The client requested the Deloitte Analytics Institute to provide a solution for an automated area assessment, based on an analysis of satellites imagery.

DAI Solution

Deloitte Analytics Institute suggested the solution based on best practices in satellites imagery processing. The solution includes three main blocks (functions):

  1. Processing and storage of large amount of satellite images.
    • Acquiring satellite images in visible and near infrared spectrum for specified dates and geo-locations
    • Development of software for processing images and manipulation of images
  2. Recognition of objects at satellite images and calculation of objects-specific parameters (e.g. space)
    • Pre-processing of raw images using computer vision techniques and algorithms;
    • Training ensemble of deep neural networks using satellite image samples to recognize and segment objects by types, e.g. building, farm etc.;
    • Applying objects’ polygons construction based on contour extraction methods;
    • Computing geo-statistics for recognized objects (e.g. number and area of extracted fields and buildings).
  3. Visualization solution for the analysis of area assessment results in a user-friendly, web-based tool with the support of a geo-information system (GIS).
    • Visualization of recognized objects on a map;
    • Applying GIS system to manage map layers and recognized objects;
    • User-friendly online analytics implemented in one area assessment web-tool


  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Object Recognition
  • Machine Learning
  • Satellite Images


  1. We created an automated tool for area assessment based on artificial intelligence algorithms.
  2. Our tool allows users creating interactive maps with marked objects of interest covering an areas of more than thousand square kilometers.
  3. Our geo-system software provides detailed information about the quantity, current location and sizes of various agricultural, industrial and household objects.

Shareholders value

Shareholder Value

  1. Revenue Growth
    1. Volume
      1. Acquire New Customers
      2. Retain & Grow Current Customers
      3. Leverage Income Generating Assets
    2. Price Realization
      1. Strengthen Pricing
  2. Operating Margin (after taxes)
    1. Selling General & Administrative (SG&A)
      1. Improve Customer Interaction Efficiency
      2. Improve Corporate/ Shared Service Efficiency
    2. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
      1. Improve Development & Production Efficiency
      2. Improve Logistics & Service Provision Efficiency
    3. Income Taxes
      1. Improve Income Tax Efficiency
  3. Asset Efficiency
    1. Property, Plant & Equipment (PP&E)
      1. Improve PP&E Efficiency
    2. Inventory
      1. Improve Inventory Efficiency
    3. Receivables & Payables
      1. Improve Receivalables & Payables Efficiency
  4. Expectations
    1. Company Strenghs
      1. Improve Managerial & Governance Effectiveness
      2. Improve Execution Capabilities
    2. External Factors


Revenue growth, Asset efficiency and Expectations

  1. Significant acceleration of area assessment speed for better understanding of tax generating assets
  2. Ability to run inventory at country scale in fast and reliable way
  3. Ability to see dynamics in governmental statistics gathered in unbiased way